Mandala in eggtempera

You can make mandala's with different creative materials,
a special way of making a mandala is with eggtempera.
It's a very old technique in wich I make my own paint with pure pigment powders.
To paint with these pigments I make a binder wich is made with egg white, egg yolk
and water, togheter they are made into an emulsion, some essential oil is added to make it smell nice
and make it last longer
With the pigment and the egg-emulsion I make my paint, a very alchemical process
The colours are very bright and they last a long time

I also give workshop's in this technique, I alway start with a visualization
I take you with me on a journey trough the unaware
the images that will come out, will be used to first draw the mandala and then paint it.
Painting a mandala in this technique is a very meditative and soothing way of painting.
To make your own paint make's it even more special
The end result is a very colourfull piece of art work

If you are interested in this form of painting and you have a group of minimal four people
then there can be a workshop arranged
If you want more details please contact me at