Symbolism of this mandala

This mandala is painted with egg tempera. It was in a difficult period of my life with much sorrow.
The tears of this sorrow are symbolised by the bleu waves on wich rest nine pink flowers.
In this mandala the number nine means patience and the step to something new.
The form of the flower, like a trompet, are a symbol for a message of the hart, communication and selff expression.
In the middle there is a star like bleu flower.
This is a symbol for the connection with the kosmos and inner healing.

This is still my favorit mandala.
For me it shows that from sorrow there is alway the possibility to something new.
The message of the hart is Love, that was alway around me despite the sadness and the pain.
By communicating with each other and give expression to my pain something new can be born.
By being open to the message hidden in the symbolism I grow, and my inner pain will be heald.