What is a mandala

The mandala has his origin in Hinduism and Buddhism. In sanskrit the word mandala means, holy cirkle.
The cirkle is archetypal for the most mandala's in Hinduism and Buddhism.
In Buddhism the mandala is used for meditation and rituals.
The monks make a geometric drawing wich they fill with coloured sand
It takes day's to fill and on the last day at the end of its ritual they will sweep
the sand togheter.The sand is given back to nature by slowly trow it in streaming water.
It is not necessary to hold on to the image, its done its work and is given
back to nature, it shows that everything is passing away
The wheel of birth and rebirth is a well-known mandala

In the west the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung broke with his friend and colleague
Sigmund Freud. In that time he made circular drawings, Carl Gustav Jung discoverd that they
were like a mirror of the self. He researched the symbolism of the mandala
and introduced this in his therapy
By drawing in the circle and examine the symbolism, Jung learned his clients to reorder their life

The mandala of the east are used for religious aspects and are a tool in meditation and initiation rituals
The western mandala like Carl Gustav Jung used are self-healing therapeutic,
or creative mandalas with much symbolism.
They are especially important for the person who draws them.
As a symbol the cirkle stands for infinity, wholeness and security

The cirkle is an organic form wich you can see everywhere in nature
the year rings of a tree, the symmetry of flowers, snow crystals,
the planets, start looking around you and you will see the mandala in many forms
Also in cultures around the world you will find the mandala form, keltic art, sandmandala
of the Navaho indian, rose window in cathedrals, Mosaic work in Islam.

Tibetan sandmandala

Manhole Cover

Sea Urchin

Symmetry in nature


There is no good english word for "heelbeeld".
The best translation is healing image.
To make a healing image you need to have a theme wich you want to investigate.
This can be anything, a problem you have, something that keeps going trough your mind,
it is used to bring brightness in an issue.
You start with writing down words around your theme, these words will get a colour and a form.
You are using all of this to make a drawing in the cirkle wich is defided in five parts.
Every part gets its own drawing wich is related to the words you wrote down and
coloured with the colours you give to the words.
By looking at the image and asking questions about it, you will get a deeper insight
and meaning of the theme that can help you heal. Thats why its called a healing image.

A healing image is always made in a private consult.
seecontact information.

It is not necessary to have experiance in any artform to make a mandala or healing image
The road to the end result is as important as the mandala that is made.
In a relaxed way you will become aware of the processes inside you.
You'll get more insight in your self, in a creative and artistic way.
You learn to know your own symbolic language and will discover that
there is an artist within you with its own unique sign language